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The Movement : Europa Nostra-Turkey is an independent association that works parallel to the European Federation of Cultural Heritage Organisations, Europa Nostra.

The Foundation : In the aftermath of the Europa Nostra Congress in June 2010, a Founding Board was formed on June 23rd by a committee of individuals and organisations, most of which recently became members of Europa Nostra. The Association was officially established on October 14th with an application filed by 71 founding members.

The Mission : Europa Nostra-Turkey is an NGO that aims at stimulating cultural heritage activities in Turkey and developing joint projects with national and European institutions and individual researchers.

The Vision : Toward this end, directly or through the activities of its member institutions, it works for:

•    unifing cultural heritage circles in Turkey around a common concept of cultural heritage in line with the definitions that were developed by UNESCO, European Council, and European Union,
•    strengthening communication between institutions and individuals working in related fields,
•    shaping cultural policies for the sake of heritage protection and raising protection standards,
•    transposing the intellectual and professional experiences in Europe to our country,
•    sharing the success stories as well as the problems of Turkey with European heritage circles,
•    establishing partnerships of larger scale with other European countries,
•    providing educational opportunities in the field of cultural heritage for citizens of all ages,
•    increasing the media awareness of cultural heritage.

The Institutional Structure : The functioning of Europa Nostra-Turkey is based on the principle of volunteering. The coordination of the volunteer work and activities in areas with limited volunteer participation are undertaken by a professional staff.

Europa Nostra-Turkey acts according to the institutional structure, strategies and methods indicated in its Statute, and draws on the experience of Europa Nostra in those issues that are not covered by the Statute.

Every organisation or individual sharing the vision of Europa Nostra-Turkey is eligible to join the association as long as the legal requirements of membership are met.

There is no branch of Europa Nostra-Turkey other than the Istanbul office.

Our Perspective about the Ethics of Civil Society :
Europa Nostra-Turkey presupposes that its representatives and volunteers are committed to act within their individual and institutional capacities and in harmony with each other, and thereby, to contribute to civil endeavours in Europe and Turkey to build cultural bonds between the past and the present with an egalitarian and pluralistic understanding.