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Europa Nostra-Turkey aims at stimulating cultural heritage activities in Turkey and developing joint projects with national and European institutions and individual researchers. Directly or through the activities of its member institutions, it functions as a non-governmental organization, working for:

unifing cultural heritage circles in Turkey around a common concept of cultural heritage in line with the definitions that were developed by UNESCO, European Council, and European Union,

strengthening communication between institutions and individuals working in related fields,

shaping cultural policies for the sake of heritage protection and raising protection standards,

 transposing the intellectual and professional experiences in Europe to our country,

sharing the success stories as well as the problems of Turkey with European heritage circles,

establishing partnerships of larger scale with other European countries,

providing educational opportunities in the field of cultural heritage for citizens of all ages,

increasing the media awareness of cultural heritage.

Towards this end, directly or through the activities of its member institutions, the association intends to:

(1) establish publicly accessible data bases on leading cultural heritage organizations, institutions, and experts in Europe and Turkey,

(2) conduct studies on cultural heritage policies, standards, education, lobbies and the methods of awareness-raising in Europe, and share the research results with the public,

(3) for this particular purpose, collect the necessary information, documents and publications, establish a knowledge and document centre, and broadcast the activities thereof through an institutional web site and publications such as bulletins, periodicals, brochures, and books,

(4) organize summer schools, year-round seminar or panel series, and annual conferences, produce audiovisual material of various kinds, including documentaries, and develop educational tools such as children’s games, in order to raise cultural heritage awareness,

(5) organize heritage tours, meetings, competitions, concerts, and exhibitions etc., or facilitate the participation of its members in such events,

(6) encourage excellence in the field of cultural heritage, nominate exemplary projects for the European awards, lobby for the establishment of new prize and grant programs,

(7) campaign for raising public awareness of the heritage areas under risk,

(8) assist cultural heritage organizations in improving their capacities,

(9) work for the establishment of high standards in cultural heritage and the development of sustainable policies, 

(10) collaborate with university departments teaching cultural heritage, and act for the proliferation of high-quality educational institutions in this field, 

(11) facilitate interactivity between architects, engineers, Monument Council members, ministries and municipalities by enabling them to meet at educational programs, 

(12) contribute to the collaboration of public offices, private institutions, and non-governmental organizations on cultural heritage, try to increase the financial and in-kind support of the local and central governments and private sector, and inform the society on the available support programs, 

(13) campaign for the allocation of income raised by the National Lottery for cultural heritage projects based on the decisions of expert committees, as encouraged by the European Union International Lottery, 

(14) encourage the establishment of a Cultural Heritage Group in the parliament and of similarly functioning groups in local councils and district, 

(15) encourage the establishment of university and high school clubs on cultural heritage, 

(16) organize press meetings, prepare briefs, and produce programs in order to raise media awareness of cultural heritage, 

(17) publish annual reports on cultural heritage, 

(18) with these purposes, (a) found the Cultural Heritage Centre of Turkey and raise income through financial enterprises, (b) collect donations from national and international resources, (c) buy, sell, rent moveable properties and real estate for income-raising, (d) establish foundation and federation or join the existing ones, (e) enroll in similar international organizations and work on joint projects with them, (f) work on joint projects with private companies and public institutions, (g) establish representative offices at other locations, (h) constitute platforms with other NGO’s.