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Remembering İstanbul: A Conference on the history of the İstanbul Biennial

Pedrosa and Hoffmann also provided the audience with information about "Remembering İstanbul", a two-day conference focusing on the history of the İstanbul Biennial and manifesting the first public part of the upcoming biennial's programming. Over the last two decades the İstanbul Biennial has become one of the most prominent international biennials due to the consistently unique character of its exhibitions. The curators who have organized these exhibitions attest the broad range of visions that the biennial has attempted to encompass, from South to North, East to West, emerging and established curators to curatorial collectives. The "Remembering İstanbul" conference has invited all curators from past İstanbul Biennials to participate. Each will give a presentation, remembering his or her experiences and reflecting on the current state of the biennial exhibition format itself. Artists from Turkey who participated in the past biennials and have witnessed the development of the İstanbul Biennial will respond to the presentations. A book with all of the contributions will be published in September 2011, at the opening of the 12th İstanbul Biennial.

The program of the conference was announced on November 1, 2010. The "Remembering İstanbul" conference will be held in English and simultaneous translation into Turkish will be available. Attendance will be free of charge. For registration, please send an e-mail to

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